Benedict's Soapbox


I’ve just watched the video at

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

I’m impressed. Most re-inventions of the desktop leave me with little more than a renewed contempt for technology. 3D desktops, for example, are a terrible idea. Superficially they look pretty, but they are inherently flawed as they try to reduce 3 dimensions worth of information into 2 dimensions. I’m a huge fan of Jeff Raskins The Humane Interface, but I believe the zooming metaphor fails as it effectively locks data into a single hierarchal structure and also requires information to be presented in a document orientated manner.

10GUI strikes me as an attempt to keep the best bits of the current windowing metaphor (e.g. document or task based interface design) and the zooming metaphor (e.g. increasing the usefulness of spatial information).